The Suite Life NYC

We are a collective of  designers, illustrators, photographers, artists and other creatives, sharing the art of living like a local in NYC. With this book of inspiration we are aiming to give you a sweet taste of the Big Apple, in an up-tempo visual speed. Even the most casual of strolls in NYC will entertain you with something astonishing around every corner: a piece of contemporary art, human interaction, a piece of music or a curious vintage item. This dynamic is translated in this two dimensional book: with the turn of every page you’ll discover a new visual surprise. No chapters, no structure.

Since 2008 we initiated many art projects, curated the best items from the talented local artists that New York has to offer – and developed a whole new view on hospitality: all our suites in Manhattan are designed by us. As a guest in one of our suites, a buyer of one of the properties and as a reader of this book, we will settle you in quickly in the Suite way of living in New York.